Stephen Harper’s plagiarism scandal

The Liberal Party of Canada has accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper of reading a plagiarised speech in 2003 two days after the then-Australian PM John Howard read effectively the same speech. At the time, Harper was in opposition.

Well, judge for yourself. Politicians surely should double check what has been written for them. I doubt this will cause too much of a dent in confidence in Harper in the upcoming elections but come on.


Facebook disables ‘old Facebook’ workarounds

Facebook has today disabled workarounds to the “old Facebook” layout. Previously, installing Greasemonkey on Firefox and an additional script, or installing the Developer add, would get you access back to the old layout and not have to see Facebook’s ugly new look.

Despite over 2,100,000 people joining a group asking for 1,000,000 against the new layout, Facebook has once again said “screw you”, and appears so hell-bent on the new layout they’ve disabled these workarounds — and have even disabled the old facebook for developers. Quite ridiculous.

A popular winner

Sebastian Vettel. Youngest ever F1 pole sitter. Youngest ever F1 race winner — and a popular one at that. It is an amazing result for the team that were once Minardi. As a Minardi fan, the last time I can remember enjoying a race result was Minardi’s points at the shambolic 2005 US Grand Prix — this by far tops that.

Time to boycott Facebook

Facebook intends to force the “new Facebook” on all its users next week. They’ve effectively told easily 100,000 people — at least — “screw you, we don’t care about what you think”, and they obviously haven’t bothered to take into account any of the feedback people against it have been sending them. Time to boycott the ugly new Facebook, then. You’d think that they’d be smart enough to know that the current look is an asset, but apparently not.

Hurricane Gustav: water flowing over Industrial Canal

Hurricane Gustav made landfall near Cocodrie, Louisiana, at around 1430 UTC (9:30 am local). Rainbands lashing New Orleans right now, with TV pictures showing waters flowing over the Industrial Canal. More to come.

Sarah Palin is McCain’s pick

Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, is to be John McCain’s vice-presidential nominee, according to CNN. If elected, she would be the first female vice-president.

It’s going to be a historic campaign — either the first black President, or the first female VP, will be elected. Now, I wonder what effect the selection of Gov. Palin will have on Hillary Clinton’s disenchanted women supporters…

CNN reports that she’s a long-time NRA member, which will boost the gun community’s trust in the ticket, but why not Mitt Romney? Michigan’s 17 electoral votes — and a boost on the economy angle — surely would’ve helped.

Joe Biden?

“Biden voted in favor of the invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003.”

Biden’s also been in Washington longer than John McCain has. Is that really “change”?