Sarah Palin is McCain’s pick

Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, is to be John McCain’s vice-presidential nominee, according to CNN. If elected, she would be the first female vice-president.

It’s going to be a historic campaign — either the first black President, or the first female VP, will be elected. Now, I wonder what effect the selection of Gov. Palin will have on Hillary Clinton’s disenchanted women supporters…

CNN reports that she’s a long-time NRA member, which will boost the gun community’s trust in the ticket, but why not Mitt Romney? Michigan’s 17 electoral votes — and a boost on the economy angle — surely would’ve helped.


2 Responses

  1. To be blunt, this is is the dumbest VP selection I have ever seen. If you’re trying to capitalize on Obama’s apparent lack of experience, you don’t pick someone with even less political experience than he does, whether she’s a woman or not!

    Palin’s political experience consists of three years on her hometown’s city council and a year and a half as the governor of Alaska. Oh, and she won a small beauty pageant, and her husband works for an oil company. If John McCain wins this election because his running mate is eye candy…how’s Singapore these days?

  2. Yes, dumbest VP selection.

    Just because Alaska is a neighbour of Russia doesn’t mean she’s good in foreign relations. His defense is seriously unconvincing.


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