Greek sprinter who missed Athens dope test to sue IOC president

One of two Greek sprinters who missed a pre-Games dope test in 2004 and was subsequently droped, Katerina Thanou, is threatening to personally sue IOC President Jacques Rogge if he bans her from the Beijing Games.

According to BBC Sport, Thanou’s lawyer has threatened that legal action would be pursued if Dr Rogge threw Thanou out of Beijing — despite him having the right to do so following her agreement to give up accreditation at a disciplinary hearing over the 2004 matter.

Now, Thanou’s lawyer, in a letter to the IOC, claims that any attempt to ban Thanou from Beijing would constitute “an abuse of power and discrimination against an athlete who has qualified successfully according to the rules and it will breach the European Convention on Human Rights.”

Oh please, get a life. Thanou knew what she was doing and what she would face. Rogge has the right to ban her and Thanou should have been given a life ban, like Dwain Chambers.

On a separate issue, Thanou is also threatening to sue the IOC if Marion Jones’ gold medal from the Sydney Games in 2000 is not awarded to her by Monday. The IOC obviously has good reason to be wary of awarding her that medal. However, on this case, Thanou should be awarded it unless there’s definite proof she was in violation of any rules in 2000.


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