Time to boycott Facebook

Facebook intends to force the “new Facebook” on all its users next week. They’ve effectively told easily 100,000 people — at least — “screw you, we don’t care about what you think”, and they obviously haven’t bothered to take into account any of the feedback people against it have been sending them. Time to boycott the ugly new Facebook, then. You’d think that they’d be smart enough to know that the current look is an asset, but apparently not.


3 Responses

  1. i hate this new facebook and think that anyone who forces something on people are dictators and should be overthrown!!!

  2. The new layout has way more cons than it has pros…
    The old layout was perfect and much more customizable..

    All they had to do was add more security features on the back end… but they decided to get greedy and change the layout in a way that forces users do a lot more clicking, which means a lot more page views than before in order to accomplish the same thing.

    Furthermore, the presentation of the application boxes on the “wall” page can no longer be customized like they used to… they are tiny and can no longer be expanded or minimized…

    you have to load a bunch of whole new pages just to view what you used to be able to easily view on your one page.


    We now have to click a lot more times just to be able to see what we used to be able to see easily, all on one page… and mixing the wall with the mini feed: a really bad idea… it looks much more messy now…

    But anyway… As we know the true motive is $… more page views = better ranking for FB = FB can ask for more money when companies want to place adds on their site … right???

    So why should they care if it is more practical or not for the user ? Their primary aim is the money they make off our clicks…

    What if 30 Million users all disabled their accounts on OCT 1rst 2008 for a whole month? No more clicks on no more ads…Hum… Do you think FB would care then? Would they realize that they are making a big mistake?

    That they have transformed a fuser friendly social environment into a dull, cold sectioned and much lest customizable environment where users now feel more like they are on a simple listing … As pawns whose information can be easily and quickly extracted to then be sold to private companies for advertising or “Big Brother’ purposes…

    They have taken away the user’s ability to give personality to their page and thrown the apps boxes on to a separate tab… No one is ever going to go click on that tab… apps such as “I like this song” are what gave a little more personality and life to profiles. While you can still add the box to the wall page, it is so small and ridiculous that you can hardly see even 1/5 of the content…..

    Truly… They have simply reduced the users customizing powers over their chosen content …

    So not better, worse!!! No wonder MILLIONS are upset…

    People are not against change… they are against BAD change… It is simple, if you give them more options (the add-on of the application bar at the bottom is a good plus so is the possibility to comment on “users’ status”) people will be happy, on the other hand, if you take away liberties people enjoyed and had grown accustomed to… of course people will be angry… It is only logical…

    Respice, adspice, prospice…Qui tacet consentire.

    Thank you for reading.

    Best regards

  3. LOL this caught my eye and made me laugh. I dislike the new layout as well. Rant on!

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