Curt Schilling faces possibly-career-ending surgery

News this Friday evening (morning U.S. time) that the Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Curt Schilling will undergo surgery on Monday to repair a damaged shoulder which could cost him his career.

Two World Series rings with the Red Sox, including the famous one in 2004 with the bloody sock; 216 wins and over 3,100 strikeouts in his career. What a guy. I desperately hope to see him back on the mound next year. writer Ian Browne’s report quotes GM Theo Epstein as saying:

When he had to really start to let it go in bullpens, he hurt and he really wasn’t able to let it go. He was examined by [Red Sox medical director] Dr. [Thomas] Gill and at this point, it seems like the best alternative is just to go ahead and let him have surgery, that this path was not going to let him get back on the mound for us this year.

We weren’t banking on a full season from him. We had originally approached him about sort of a half-season or a third-season plan and that wasn’t something he was interested in. He thought he was capable of pitching a whole season. As it turns out, we didn’t get anything from him.

In the back of our minds, we hoped, ‘Hey, maybe this guy will come back and really provide a big boost for us given everything that he’s done in the postseason.’ We’d never bet against Curt Schilling. But we always knew that this was a possibility. Something was wrong with his shoulder and we don’t know how it happened.

It happened over the offseason, and I think the most appropriate treatment is what our doctors recommended — the conservative route — strengthen it, see if he can get back. A lot of guys do get back on the mound and pitch effectively just by strengthening their shoulder, and at 41 years old, it just wasn’t able to happen.

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