Iranian MPs’ “Death to America” chant — how will Sen. Obama and McCain react?

Iran speaker warns nuclear agency — BBC News

Iran’s new parliament speaker has warned that it could set limits on future co-operation with the United Nation’s nuclear agency, the IAEA.

Former nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani said parts of the agency’s latest report on Tehran’s nuclear programme had been “deceitful” and “ambiguous”.

Addressing parliament in a speech broadcast live on radio, Mr Larijani accused the IAEA of secretly sharing information about the Iranian nuclear file with Tehran’s critics in the UN security council.

“Parliament will not allow that such deceptions are made,” Mr Larijani said.

“If they continue along this path, the new parliament will intervene in the case and set a new line for co-operation with the IAEA.”

The comments drew chants of “God is great” and “Death to America” from the audience of MPs.

Senator John McCain has consistently attacked Senator Barack Obama over his continual commitment and promise to speak “without preconditions” to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has in the past called the U.S.’ main Middle East ally, Israel, a “stinking corpse” which should be “wiped off the map”. Sen McCain has also accused Iran of killing American service personnel in Iraq.

Today, as above, Iranian MPs have started speaking about “Death to America”. Does Sen Obama really want to talk to the leader of a country whose members of parliament — and President Ahmadinehad himself might harbour similar, if less explicit, feelings — want Americans dead? How will the two camps react to this? Will they let it slip past? Will Sen McCain take the opportunity to hit Barack Obama? Or will we see Sen Obama speaking out against this — which would be a first?


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