Rangers fans’ behaviour following UEFA Cup final

I may be a Liverpool fan, but when it comes to the game north of the border, despite Liverpool’s close ties to Celtic, I am partial towards the blue half of Glasgow. What occurred last night following the 2-0 loss to Zenit St. Petersburg in the UEFA Cup final in Manchester was unacceptable.

Some Rangers fans — it is important to stress that a majority of Rangers fans were not involved — behaved rowdily, drunkenly, and unprofessionally, dragging the club’s name into mud. A pack of 200 fans allegedly chased police officers — who needed to call in police dogs — and one officer was badly injured in the violence.

Rangers, credit to them, have come out and condemned the behaviour of these fans — who cannot be called that. UEFA has praised the city of Manchester’s handling of the event and subsequent trouble. I cannot beg to disagree. A number of MSPs — from both Scottish Labour and Scottish Conservatives — have called for an inquiry into the use of police force.

It seems as though this was necessary for the officers to protect themselves.

Rangers will go back to Glasgow defeated. They will also go back to Glasgow with shame on their name thanks to these idiotic people who rampaged through Manchester. If Rangers can identify any of these fans it would be in the club’s best interest to ban them from Ibrox Park to serve as a warning to the rest of their travelling support not to misbehave at such a big event.

On a related note, Celtic legend Tommy Burns passed away today at 51 after losing a battle to cancer. Condolences to his family and Celtic during this difficult period.


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