BBC, are you listening?

It appears the answer is “no”. Despite well over 2,300 (at least 2,348 as of this writing) comments — mostly negative — on the three four five BBC blog posts about this so far: Steve Herrmann (1591), Ben Gallop (443), Julia Whitney (145), Steve Herrmann again (80) and Ben Gallop again (89), the BBC are sticking to their guns.

As I blogged about yesterday, my biggest gripe is with the BBC Sport ‘refresh’ (it looks nothing like the old site, compared to BBC News) although I dislike the refresh in general. The old layout was nicer — a view shared by probably about 2,000 of the 2,348 of those who’ve commented on the change.

I’ve noticed a couple of BBC computers reading yesterday’s blog post (at least three, come on you guys, can you do anything about it?) so please, if you have any influence at all with the team dealing with the website, please get them to listen.

In the meantime, Dan G has posted a helpful way for Firefox and Opera users to ‘fix’ the new layout — although, as he points out, it’s not going to put the missing links [see my gripe yesterday under the BBC Sport section of my post] back where they were. Thanks for that, Dan, I’m getting that installed right away.

BBC (especially Ben Gallop, if by some chance you’re reading this): please fix it. I’m on the verge of hopping over to other sports (and to a lesser extent, news) sites for my info fix.


One Response

  1. I cannot believe the BBC have released this bunch of cack. But I’ve even more disbelief that they’ve not immediately pulled it once it became clear to everyone how appalling it was.

    They’ve made it twice as big but with less information presented. The prior ability to capture all the latest news, from a single page, at a glance, has been completely lost. That’s why people go to a news site like the BBC. What part of that don’t they understand?

    Their lack of understanding illustrates that the interface designers think they’re producing a glossy mag, not a compact efficient news delivery medium.

    I’m just staggered that something so obviously unfit-for-purpose has managed to get through all the various steps of a design, development, test and release process without someone, somewhere in the process, having the guts to say “the Emperor has no clothes”.

    And the patronising attitude from the BBC management in their blogs takes the biscuit.

    What an absolute shower of wasters they are, with us the sorry saps forced to pick up the bill for the sorry shambles.

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