Richardson gives Obama backing

The long-awaited Bill Richardson endorsement has gone to Senator Barack Obama. Governor Richardson (NM), who himself was in the race early on but withdrew following the New Hampshire primary, is expected to make a statement in Portland, OR later today, according to the BBC.

The timing of this appears crucial; it comes nearly exactly one month to the crucial Pennsylvania primary and in the same week as Sen Obama’s dramatic speech about race in the United States, following comments his pastor made in 2001 about the September 11 attacks which were publicised once again this week.

With Sen Obama’s deficit in Pennsylvania to Sen Hillary Clinton having grown since late-February — he now trails by an average of 13 percentage points — this endorsement can only come as a boost.

Another interesting thing of note is a recent Franklin and Marshall poll, which suggests that among Democratic voters in Pennsylvania, 19–20% of them would vote for Republican nominee John McCain in the presidential election in November should their preferred candidate lose to the other Democrat in the race.

This RealClearPolitics aggregation of polls from this past week is really telling of that fact — John McCain has, for the first time, surged past both Sen Clinton and Sen Obama in opinion polls for the presidential election.

Will he be able to hang on to that lead, though?


One Response

  1. This is great! Obama and Richardson were my 2 top favorate candidates among the Democrats. In 2004 Kerry and Edwards were my 5th and 6th favorates respectively.

    There is hope for the Democratic Party yet !

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