BBC WHYS question: How should the world react to the trouble in Tibet?

How should the world react to the trouble in Tibet ? « BBC World Have Your Say

An Olympic boycott appears out of the question. Most of the world, including the United States, recognises Tibet to be a part of China, so should it be dismissed as an internal problem that China should handle on its own? That is Russia’s view; at odds with the U.S.’ position that China should hold talks with the Dalai Lama and to, as Secretary of State Dr Condoleeza Rice put it, “respect the fundamental and universally recognised right of … citizens to peacefully express their … views”.

Pressure from the IOC might work; the Games were awarded to China in the hope that it would make China improve its human rights record. But what can the IOC really do? Since a boycott has been ruled out, it would seem the only thing the IOC could do would be to threaten to not let China host another Games ever, but I suspect that would only cause China and its allies to withdraw from the IOC.

United Nations action seems, at first glance, the most sensible thing to do, until you remember that China is a veto-wielding permanent member of the Security Council. (Side note: The UN police force in Kosovo suffered a major casualty today, as a Ukrainian officer died from injuries sustained fighting Serb nationalists in Mitrovica.) No resolution mandating UN force will ever get passed.

The best hope would be for the violence to die down on its own, and I fear that won’t happen any time soon.


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