Ron Paul effectively concedes GOP nomination

Congressman Ron Paul has effectively conceded the Republican nomination to Senator John McCain in a YouTube video, which I’ve embedded with this post. His focus has primarily been on keeping his Congressional seat (TX-14), which he successfully defended in Republican primaries by a 40% margin.

While he has not yet explicitly stated his withdrawal from the Presidential race, the video seems to suggest he is conceding the nomination. He still asks that voters go out in the remaining contests to cast their ballots for him, however little sense this makes. He emphasises this is for his ‘revolution’, and not for him.

As both CNN and AP have called the race for Sen McCain, it is hard to see how Rep Paul will officially continue in the race much longer, and I suspect he will bow out by Mississippi next week.

Over on the Democrat side, while Sen Hillary Clinton won three of five contests on Tuesday (with Sen Obama taking Vermont while the Texas caucus returns are only at 40% and no winner has yet been projected or declared from that), Sen Obama retains the lead in delegates by about the same margin he had going into Tuesday. No change there, then, and some people are beginning to suggest the two should just agree to run on the same ticket to begin the general election campaigning, which is what Sen McCain is already doing…


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