If you’re a newscaster…

I know it’s funny. In fact, it’s hilarious. And I can’t stop laughing. But if you’re a newscaster it’s probably not the nicest thing to do on air.

(And for those of you who still want a politics fix with this post, well you’re in luck. AP reports Sen John McCain won the GOP American Samoa caucuses, according to local party officials. He also won the Northern Mariana Islands contests and will pick up 18 delegates in total from the two. Furthermore, CBS is reporting that Sen McCain has won the Puerto Rico caucuses and taken all 20 delegates from the island. However, this hasn’t yet been reflected in any major delegate count I’ve seen so far.)


One Response

  1. Ah, that’s NBC 4, my old local NBC affiliate. George Michael is an idiot, but he’s a funny idiot. XD

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