Is this the end of the Democrats’ chances?

A number of people I’ve spoken to have indicated that they would vote for perennial Presidential challenger Ralph Nader over Sen Barack Obama (and over Sen Hillary Clinton even more so).

So, with Mr Nader’s announcement on NBC’s Meet the Press that he will – once again – be running for the presidency this year, does this spell the end of the Democrats’ chances? Mr Nader won 2% of the popular vote in 2000 – widely seen as helping Republican nominee and eventual winner George W. Bush.

Mr Nader, of course, will also provide a convenient choice for independents who do not like Sen Obama but are not fully trusting of Sen John McCain, the almost-surely Republican nominee. Hell, he might just steal some votes from the Republicans who absolutely refuse to vote for Sen McCain’s supposed liberal stances on some issues.

Mr Nader is 73, and will be 74 on Wednesday, making him older than Sen McCain. I’m tempted (obviously) to say this will be Mr Nader’s final run at the Oval Office. And if he can help propel Sen McCain there along the way, why not?


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