CNN Democratic Debate in Austin

BBC NEWS | The Reporters | Justin Webb – On plagiarism and humanity

BBC North America editor Justin Webb’s take on Senator Hillary Clinton’s attack on Sen Barack Obama in last night’s CNN Democratic Debate in Austin, Texas. Referring to Sen Obama’s speeches using lines originally made by current Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, she said something to the effect of “lifting passages of speech… isn’t change you can believe in, it’s change you can Xerox!”

I’m not a big fan of either Sen Clinton or Sen Obama, but I really liked that. Both Justin Webb and, as he says, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin think it will hurt Sen Clinton that she said that. I’m really hoping Obama supporters wake up and smell the reality that this guy has no real fresh ideas. You make up your own mind – read the comments, both pro- and anti-Obama, both pro- and anti-Clinton on Webb’s blog.

What is hard to disagree, though, was that Sen Clinton made those comments in a state of desperation – she’s now lost ELEVEN straight contests. The results from the Super Tuesday Democratic Global Primary for Democrats Abroad are now in – and Sen Obama has won quite clearly. Justin Webb blogged about this too – apparently, at least, Clinton managed to win the Congo and Liechtenstein.


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