Kosovo to declare independence today

Distribution of ethnic Albanians outside Kosovo (image courtesy BBC News)
(Image: BBC News)

The United Nations-administered province of Serbia, Kosovo, is all set to make a unilateral declaration of independence later today. The announcement is expected in the evening local time, around 1400 or 1500 GMT. People with Albanian and American flags have already taken to the streets in celebration ahead of today.

The move, backed by the U.S. and some EU states, is opposed, obviously, by Serbia, and its main ally Russia. Serbia and Russia have both said they won’t react militarily, but does anyone really believe them? The UK has even gone as far as to put 600 men on standby in case military intervention is needed.

The Ahtisaari plan, rejected by Belgrade and Moscow (and hence never approved at the UN), seemed to be the right way forward. Since that was rejected then Serbia and Russia will just have to deal with unilateral independence.

Happy Kosovar Independence Day.


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  1. Interesting, and I doubt that Kosovo will be the only new Euro country in the next decade. The not so United Kingdom is on the verge of fragmenting every which way. Scotland will probably be leaving by 2018 or so, with Wales possibly following in two. There’s even a push for Cornwall in England itself to go its own way, with all this on top of the still-simmering Northern Irish conflict. Plus, of course, the not-so-minor fact that England will probably have a Muslim majority population in a couple decades (500,000 mostly Muslim S. Asian/Africans in every year, 250,000 young Brits out). Should be interesting.

    For that matter, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the USA fragmenting as well. White Anglos are, uh, how to put this– not the original inhabitants here, and the Lakota Sioux throughout 5 states have already declared independence. Heck, they have their own territory on the reservations which is legally sovereign, so in a sense, they already have it. Hawaii, Puerto Rico pushing in the same direction. There’s the budding Aztlan in the SW, there’s the neo-Confederate push to have the Upper South States secede, the parallel push for an “Afro-American homeland” in the Deep South or thereabouts, little movements like in Vermont and Hawaii. Kosovo is just the start IMHO.

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