Three cheers for Mitt

Yes, I may be a John McCain backer, and am nowhere close to being a conservative (despite what I’ve been told), but it’s three cheers for Mitt Romney today as he’s endorsed the McCain campaign. Gov Romney won a lot of the Conservative vote when he was still in the race, of course, but it will come as a blow to the former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who’s taken over winning the Conservative vote, that Gov Romney hasn’t backed him.

Of course this makes little difference. By the end of Super Tuesday we pretty much knew Sen McCain was going to be the Republican nominee (he’s only about 300 delegates away). To add to this, Gov Romney’s 280-or-so delegates have now been asked by him to vote for Sen McCain at the RNC.

Of course, Gov Huckabee hasn’t taken too kindly to this news, saying the election “should be about choices and voices, not a coronation”. That magic number – 1,191 delegates – was repeated in Gov Huckabee’s defiant response, saying it wasn’t over until someone reached that number.

Is Gov Romney making a play for a potential VP nomination? McCain-Romney ’08 anyone?


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