British resident accused of 9/11 involvement wins compensation appeal

An Algerian-born British resident has been granted the right to seek compensation for miscarriage of justice. Mr Lotfi Raissi, accused of training 9/11 hijackers and held for 5 months, was only released in 2002 after a judge rejected an American extradition request. He’s now claiming an amount that may be in the millions, and wants an apology from the Home Secretary. The Home Office, of course, is looking at an appeal.

My points:

1) He was found not guilty and the American request was thrown out. Surely being held for five months for something he did not do constitutes a “miscarriage of justice”?
2) His brother was awarded damages late last year for being held for 42 hours in connection with the pilot’s arrest. So why the inconsistency?
3) The pilot is on a blacklist and is not allowed to work for an airline. He’s a pilot. That’s his living. Taken away for something he did not do. That’s atrocious, and indeed the claim from that will be high.
4) How can the Home Office be looking to appeal a Court of Appeal decision? Surely the High Court would throw it out, especially given the facts?

Is British justice really that perverted? Thank god for the judgement and I strongly hope Mr Raissi wins his compensation claim.


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