Super Tuesday – live as it happened

Super Tuesday as it happened:

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0624 GMT (0124 ET): With 100% of votes from Missouri now counted, Barack Obama has won the Democratic popular vote in the state.

0605 GMT (0105 ET): For what it’s worth, CNN has projected a winner in all but three races today – the New Mexico Democratic race, where counting has just begun; the Alaska Republican race, where voting has not yet closed; and the Missouri Democratic race, which (despite 99% of precincts reporting), it’s still too close to call.

0558 GMT (0058 ET): Alaska’s Republicans are still out and voting, despite their Democrat counterparts having already chosen Barack Obama.

0546 GMT (0046 ET): Barack Obama carries Alaska, says a CNN projection.

0541 GMT (0041 ET): Senator Obama maintains a very slim lead in Missouri, but it’s still too close to call.

0533 GMT (0033 ET): New Mexico’s polls closed minutes ago, and counting has begun.

0527 GMT (0027 ET): In the winner-take-all state of Missouri, CNN projects John McCain to take all 58 delegates.

0525 GMT (0025 ET): CNN projects, as AP did a while ago, California for Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

0522 GMT (0022 ET): 98% in from both races in Missouri, still no projections. Larry King and Wolf Blitzer pick up on Mike Huckabee‘s impressive showing today.

0517 GMT (0017 ET): BBC World is reporting that it has been projected Senators Hillary Clinton and John McCain will win California.

0514 GMT (0014 ET): Still very, very close to call in Missouri. CNN is now projecting that Senator Hillary Clinton will carry the state of Arizona.

0502 GMT (0002 ET): In Montana, it is projected by CNN that Governor Mitt Romney has won.

0456 GMT (2356 ET): With 13% counted in CA, McCain still appears to hold a strong lead over Romney.

0450 GMT (2350 ET): Barack Obama is now projected by CNN to win in Utah. Missouri is still a dead heat between both Obama and Clinton – 48% each.

0442 GMT (2342 ET): Barack Obama’s about to speak at his headquarters in Chicago. This is very carefully planned timing, as Sen McCain is still speaking. CNN projects that he has won Colorado and Idaho. “There is one thing on this February night that we do not need the final results to know: Our time has come.”

0437 GMT (2337 ET): John McCain’s about to speak at his HQ in Phoenix, AZ. “I owe you all a debt I can never fully repay,” he says.

0430 GMT (2330 ET): Spoke too soon. CNN projects a Mike Huckabee win in Georgia.

0427 GMT (2327 ET): CNN is still not projecting the Georgia GOP race, which Huckabee leads.

0423 GMT (2323 ET): Of the 14 Republican contests with results already in, McCain has so far been projected by CNN to win just seven. Huckabee and Romney have three each, and we’re still waiting for California and a few others.

0418 GMT (2318 ET): 1% in from CA, McCain leading Romney by double-digit percentage points.

0411 GMT (2311 ET): CNN projects that Gov Romney has won the proportional representation delegate system state of Minnesota.

0403 GMT (2303 ET): CNN projects a win in North Dakota for Gov. Mitt Romney.

0400 GMT (2300 ET): Polls in the very important state of California close.

0351 GMT (2251 ET): Sen Hillary Clinton speaks at her HQ in Manhattan. “Tonight, in record numbers, you voted not just to make history, you voted to remake America.” She also says that American Samoa has gone for her. Also a mention for Arkansas and Tennessee following the tornadoes.

0341 GMT (2241 ET): CNN projection for Senator John McCain in his home, winner-take-all, state of Arizona. Polls close in California in 19 mins. Meanwhile, after hours of waiting, MSNBC projects Georgia‘s GOP race for Mike Huckabee.

0330 GMT (2230 ET): CNN projects wins for Barack Obama in Minnesota and Mike Huckabee in Alabama as Mitt Romney speaks at his campaign HQ in Boston. Romney: “We’re going all the way to the Convention and we’re going to win this thing and get into the White House.” Meanwhile, major tornado southwest of Nashville, near Vanderbilt.

0325 GMT (2225 ET): Gov Huckabee’s currently speaking on CNN. He says he won’t drop out of the race until a nominee is picked.

0322 GMT (2222 ET): Barack Obama is projected by CNN to win Kansas and Connecticut. He’s also been projected by others for Minnesota.

0310 GMT (2210 ET): Mike Huckabee, whilst speaking, has been projected by various to win Alabama.

0306 GMT (2206 ET): CNN projects that Senator Barack Obama will win North Dakota. Governor Mike Huckabee is now speaking in Little Rock, AR. “Over the past few days, people have been saying this is a two-man race. You know what? It is! And we’re in it!”

0300 GMT (2200 ET): Idaho, Utah and North Dakota polls close. CNN projects a win for Mitt Romney in Utah.

0256 GMT (2156 ET): Three polls close at the top of the hour. Meanwhile, MSNBC is calling Oklahoma for Senator John McCain. About 8 minutes later, CNN projects similarly.

0247 GMT (2147 ET):
CNN projection
CNN has projected that Senator Hillary Clinton has won Massachusetts. Meanwhile, the Associated Press has called Alabama for Gov Mike Huckabee. CNN is now also projecting Senator Clinton for New Jersey.

0238 GMT (2138 ET): Governor Huckabee of Arkansas has taken time out to send his condolences to those affected by the current outbreak – 86 people are reported injured in Tennessee, while three have been killed in Arkansas. A tornado’s heading towards Nashville right now and will arrive in 60-90 minutes, according to CNN’s Chad Myers.

0225 GMT (2125 ET Tue): Senator Barack Obama is the centre of a number of projections for the state of Alabama. CNN projects as such at 0230 GMT.

0220 GMT (2120 ET Tue): The BBC are reporting projected wins for Senator Hillary Clinton in Massachusetts – where Sens Ted Kennedy and John Kerry backed Obama – and New Jersey.
CNN Projection
Along with CNN, MSNBC and Fox all project John McCain to win all 101 New York delegates.

0207 GMT (2107 ET Tue)
CNN projection: Barack Obama is projected to win Delaware.

0200 GMT (2100 ET Tue): Polls close in seven states. CNN projects Hillary Clinton to have won New York.

0144 GMT (2044 ET Tue): Mitt Romney’s really struggling. He’s only projected to win MA so far, but MA has a proportional representation delegate system. Gov Huckabee is leading Gov Romney in a lot of other states, so Romney could be in trouble.

0135 GMT (2035 ET Tue): ABC and Fox project a winner-take-all win for John McCain in Delaware. CNN projects McCain in DE at 0146 GMT.

0130 GMT (2030 ET Tue):
CNN projection
As expected, Hillary Clinton and Mike Huckabee are projected to win in Arkansas. Meanwhile, Senator Clinton picks up the projection for Tennessee.

0128 GMT (2028 ET Tue): Arkansas’ polls – critical for Sen Clinton and Gov Huckabee – close in 90 seconds.

0109 GMT (2009 ET Tue): Connecticut is a winner-take-all state, which will give McCain a boost in his delegate count
CNN Projection: John McCain is projected to win all 59 delegates in New Jersey.

0100 GMT (2000 ET Tue): Polls close in nine states.
CNN Projections:
John McCain has been called for Connecticut and Illinois; Mitt Romney for Massachusetts; Barack Obama for Illinois and Hillary Clinton for Oklahoma.

0052 GMT (1952 ET Tue): The BBC cites a Newsday report saying Chelsea Clinton has been warned for breaking laws banning politicking near a polling station.

0030 GMT (1930 ET Tue): Half an hour till polls close in 9 states. Georgia GOP results slowly trickling in right now.

0000 GMT (1900 ET Tue):
CNN PROJECTION: CNN is projecting a Barack Obama win in Georgia.


2359 GMT (1859 ET): Tornado outbreak across the Mid South tonight. The CNN reports that a tornado’s been spotted heading towards Clinton, Arkansas. Georgia polls close.

2350 GMT (1850 ET): The next polls will close in about 10 minutes.

2318 GMT (1818 ET): Georgia, especially Atlanta, has seen heavy turnout today. Meanwhile, some analysts have been putting Huckabee’s win – or Romney’s loss – in WV down to McCain’s supporters voting for Huckabee to ensure Gov Romney didn’t win the winner-take-all state.

2258 GMT (1758 ET): And we’re back up and running. Mike Huckabee took all 18 West Virginia GOP delegates.

1643 GMT (1143 ET): That’s all for now. I’ll be back in about six hours at 2300 GMT. By then we’ll have known who West Virginian Republicans chose as their nominee for the White House. See everyone then.

1616 GMT (1116 ET): Here’s a list of strong endorsements for the various candidates, taken from BBC News:
Senator Hillary Clinton has amongst her supporters Steven Spielberg, the New York Times, Billie-Jean King, Robert Kennedy Jr, Gov Jon Corzine (NJ) and Gov Elliot Spitzer (NY).

Senator Obama’s list includes Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Caroline Kennedy, Sen Ted Kennedy, 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee Sen John Kerry, Gov Janet Napolitano (AZ), Rev. Jesse Jackson and five major newspapers.

Senator John McCain counts Curt Schilling, Sylvester Stallone, former Rep candidate Rudy Giuliani, independent (and former Democratic) Sen Joe Lieberman, Gov Charlie Crist (FL), Steve Forbes, former Sec-State Henry Kissinger, and five major newspapers among his supporters.

Governor Romney has the backing of Fox analyst Sean Hannity, former Sen Rick Santorum, Gov Matt Blunt (MO) and at least one newspaper.

Governor Huckabee, meanwhile, has the Dallas Morning News’ endorsement, as well as that of Chuck Norris and former Republican candidate Duncan Hunter.
∞ Who’s backing who in US race

1550 GMT (1050 ET): Of course, I’m only human, and I need sleep, so please don’t expect many (if any) updates between 1700 and 2300 GMT. I realise this means I’ll miss the West Virginia result, for which I apologise in advance. I will, however, be covering the rest of the day non-stop from 2300 GMT (1800 ET) all the way until Alaska/American Samoa announce their results, likely well past 2 am ET.

1525 GMT (1025 ET): Mitt Romney’s been speaking at the GOP WV convention – and he warns that electing McCain would take the Republican Party on a “left turn”.

1510 GMT (1010 ET): We’re expecting the first major result in around 1730 to 1930 GMT (1430 ET) from the GOP’s West Virginia convention. Georgia’s polls close at 0000 GMT (1900 ET), with another 11 states following an hour later.

1450 GMT (0950 ET): Of course, not only are voters in 24 states involved, Americans overseas have been out and voting the whole day today. Overseas Democrats have 22 delegates, according to a BBC News website user in London.
∞ At-a-glance: Super Tuesday

1435 GMT (0935 ET): Representative Ron Paul is currently speaking at the Republican West Viriginia convention.

1425 GMT (0925 ET): First votes have been cast for Super Tuesday as polls begin to open across the nation. American Samoa’s polls will open last.

0825 GMT (0325 ET): CNN’s Alexander Mooney wrote on the Political Ticker blog earlier today about a comment made by Senator Clinton’s campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe on Monday, in which he mentioned the possibility of a Clinton–Obama ticket, saying Obama would be a good running mate.
∞ CNN Political Ticker: Clinton chairman: Obama would be good running mate

0545 GMT (0045 ET): Meanwhile, Senator Hillary Clinton has had a déjà vu. At a campaign event at Yale University earlier Monday, she teared up again, after her crying antics before the New Hampshire vote earlier this year.
∞ CNN Political Ticker: Clinton holds emotional meeting at Yale

0530 GMT (0030 ET): Mitt Romney’s come out and said that if he wins California – where, according to a Reuters poll, he has a 12 percentage point lead over Senator John McCain (and where Governor Schwarzenegger has backed Sen McCain) – Americans are “going to have a conservative in the White House.” However, the same poll gives Senator McCain clear leads in at least three states, including the winner-take-all New York and New Jersey. California, by the way, is not a winner-take-all state.
∞ US voters set for Super Tuesday

0340 GMT (2240 ET Mon): The states that will be voting today, Super Tuesday (D – Democrats only; R – Republicans only): Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho (D), Illinois, Kansas (D), Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana (R), New Jersey, New Mexico (D), New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia (R). Furthermore, American Samoa also holds its nominating contest today.

0000 GMT (1900 ET Mon): Off we go, then, Tuesday, February 5, 2008. Super-Duper Tuesday begins.


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