Superbowl Sunday campaigning

It’s Superbowl Sunday campaigning ahead of Super Tuesday at the start of this super week. On a day when the previously-unbeaten New England Patriots were upset by the New York Giants with a last-minute touchdown, the presidential candidates were all out in full force around the United States campaigning ahead of Tuesday’s key vote in 24 states plus American Samoa.

Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama traded fresh barbs (so much for happy endings in Tinseltown), with both sides attacking the other about image in front of Republicans (let’s face it, if you continue this way, you’re wasting your time, because regardless of whether you think the other is strong or weak in front of Republicans, in the end Republicans aren’t going to be voting for either of you). Senator Clinton claimed Sen Obama was not ready for Republican “attacks” on him, while the man from Illinois responded by saying Mrs Clinton was a “polarising figure” (which, in honesty, even some Democrats find her).

On the Republican end, Governor Mitt Romney’s been busy attacking Republican front-runner Senator John McCain (who holds nearly a 20 percentage point lead over Gov Romney, if you believe certain polls), saying Sen McCain is too similar to Sen Clinton on some issues. For what it’s worth, Sen McCain has defended brilliantly, with help from some major conservative endorsements.

Furthermore, in yet another twist, Governor Mike Huckabee, who’s been trailing ever since he won Iowa, wants Gov Romney to drop out of the race and back him, saying “if he (Romney) wants to call it a two-man race, fine, but that makes it John McCain and me.” Quite frankly, with Romney so far ahead, shouldn’t Gov Huckabee be the one quitting?


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