Romney wins Maine caucuses

Former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney has convincingly won Maine’s Republican caucuses this weekend, with 52% of the vote (68% of precincts reporting) ā€“ well ahead of Arizona Senator John McCain in second on 21% and Texas Rep. Ron Paul in third on 19%.

It’s a strong showing from Paul, who led another of the former Republican front-runners, Iowa winner Mike Huckabee, who picked up only 6% of the vote.

There’s been a “live forum” hosted by MTV today, with the two Democratic front-runners Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, as well as two Republicans who, quite frankly, stand little to no chance, Representative Paul and Governor Huckabee. The BBC reports that the two GOP front-runners, McCain and Romney, both rejected an offer to take part.

I’d like to pick up on one point. Obama’s playing his “I lived abroad when I was young” card again. Please, Senator, that was almost 40 years ago. Things have changed, both abroad and in the U.S. since. You cannot possibly say “If I convene a meeting of Muslim leaders to try to bridge the divide between Islam and the West, I do so with the credibility of someone who lived in a Muslim country [Indonesia] for four years when I was a child”. It doesn’t matter if you lived in Indonesia, or Japan, or France, or Chile, or where-ever. You’re American, and that’s all the Middle Eastern leaders will see. Not the fact that you spent four years in Indonesia.

“And although I’m a Christian I have a sense of that culture.”

Really? As I said, 40 years ago. There’s no way you still have a “sense of” a culture that’s changed since.


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