First post-Edwards debate for Dems

The Democrats today held their first post-John Edwards debate, a straight one-on-one between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. While the analysts, commentators, bloggers and journalists get to work around the United States analysing the contents of the debate. Here’s a quick look.

CNN’s take on it is that the two managed to avoid attacking each other, instead choosing to make comparisons to John Edwards, perhaps in the hopes of drawing Sen. Edwards’ supporters.

The BBC call it a “key debate”, also picking up on the fact that both Sens. Clinton and Obama effusively praised Sen. Edwards. As the Beeb’s North America editor Justin Webb blogged yesterday, Edwards’ supporters have a tough decision ahead of them.

The New York Times’ Katharine Q. Seeyle at the debate also brings up the point that both Clinton and Obama were perhaps over-friendly to each other, but, as Seeyle puts it, “this debate took place in Tinsel Town, which likes happy endings.”

We’ll just have to see if Sens. Clinton and Obama keep this up, or go back to having a go at each other by the time the next debate rolls around.


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